Over the past few decades, major retailers have prioritised lowering prices, often at the cost of quality and ethical standards. Our wardrobes have become filled with disposable items, and our consumption habits have become wasteful.

It’s estimated that over six million tons of fabric are lost annually during clothing manufacturing. Some of this waste is in the form of scraps, but some of it is left on the roll. This is where our journey started.

ODD END Studio is a sustainable fashion brand based in London. Born of a strong passion to transform leftover materials into unique pieces, we embrace circular materials, ethical production, and artisanal craftsmanship.

At ODD END, we reject the harmful practices of the fast fashion industry. Sustainability isn't just an afterthought; it's our core pillar. We give high-quality designer fabrics, which would otherwise be destroyed, a second life. Our Circular Fabrics are better for the environment than any other sustainably certified fabric: zero resource consumption, zero emissions, zero disposal, and minimal energy use.

All our products in the Circular Future N.02 collection are brought to life by a small group of artisans in the heart of Istanbul. We honour the hard work behind the scenes by ensuring fair wages and ethical treatment throughout our production process.

With every piece, we tell a story of a conscious cycle and playfulness.